Things I Did After Rehab – Getting a Grip

It is not easy to admit that you have a problem. It is true what people say, to solve a problem you have to admit that you have one in the first place. Many things in my life went to waste because I was not strong enough to deal with my addiction. When it was finally enough and I lost almost everything, I finally realized that it was time to go to a rehab and get a grip on my life once more. Getting into addiction treatment is like learning to walk again. Everything and everyone is new.

The thing with rehab is, once you get out, that is when the real struggle begins. Every second presents a challenge and each minute of a passing day reminds you of your addiction. I was a drinker, a heavy drinker who had no idea of what it means to be sober. All I knew is that I had to get drunk as much a possible. Getting to rehab was like a knife to my chest but I managed to get through it only to see how coming back to a normal life can be tougher than anything else I have ever experienced before.

Day by day, step by step

The most important thing after a rehab is to get involved with people and find yourself activities that would involve how fun a life can really be. Love and work are two things that help more than anything else. It is good to stay busy but the most important thing is to follow your recovery plan and get rid of the nasty old habits. The last part includes your old buddies. You cannot expect from yourself to stay sober for life if you continue hanging out with heavy drinkers who think only about getting drunk and how to waste their lives away.

Finding new friends, possibly in the support group where you go for treatments and sessions, would be the best choice. These people know that the struggle is real and they can help when you start despairing that the whole treatment was in vain. That is, among many things, how I managed to get back my eyesight. I had problems with nearsightedness but because of my drinking, I never bothered to look for help and do something about it. My condition got worse until I was literally blind without my glasses.

Complete turnaround

I only realized that when I was sober. After spending some time searching for help with my condition, I came across the Kamra procedure performed by KAMRA NYC experts. I got in touch with them and pretty soon my life was about to change.


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